Saturday, March 9, 2013

MoMC ep. 4

Episode 4 in our international survey of quasi religious musical mayhem. Charles Manson's best Jandek imitation, the Worldwide Church of God visits Sesame Street, shitty new age synth ballad from the Raelian movement, dubstep from the Cuban antichrist and other ungodly shite.

Download here

Charles Mansion - Our God is ATWA
Dr. Ben Townsend (Lord's Recovery Movement) - The Ballad of Watchman Nee 
Westboro Baptist Church - Two Elizabeths in Fire
Ching Hai (Quan Yin Method) - Ocean of Love
The Young Ambassadors (Worldwide Church of God) - Sing a Song
Mark Woodgate (Raelism) - Messiah
Creciendo en Gracia - Transformacion 666
Manmin Central Church - Church on Fire