Friday, June 21, 2013

MoMC ep 10

The madness continues in our tenth podcast. Unification Church covers the Rent, a cappella jungle book from Eckenkar,  more halfwit psycho folk from Charles Manson, Benny Hinn makes your ears bleed holy water and more.

Manmin Central Church - Majesty Worship His Name
Charles Manson - Solution
Benny Hinn - Love Lifted Me
Two Rivers Choir (Unification Church) - Seasons of Love
OSHO - Can't Stop Dancing
Lauriguitar (Synanon) - Joy of Synanon
Blue Mosaic (Jews for Jesus) - V'ahavta
Malaysian Eck Regional Choir - Oh Mahanta A Song of Love
Ivan Lopez (Creciendo en Gracia) - Hijo Del Hombre

Download here

Friday, June 7, 2013

MoMC ep 9

Episode 9 in our ongoing survey of human frailty gone awry. Mass hysteria drone noise from the Congregation of Revival Ministries, psychedelic hippy blues from Wulf Zendik, music of plants from Damanhur, and more

Tim Maia (Rational Culture) - I Am Rational
Blue Mosaic (Jews for Jesus)- Hinei Ma Tov
Congregation of Revival Ministries - Excerpt from "Angels Sing all with People"
Zendik Farm Band - Yang/Yin
Federation of Damanhur - Music of the Plants
Janice Kapp Perry (LDS) - A Child's Prayer

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