Friday, June 21, 2013

MoMC ep 10

The madness continues in our tenth podcast. Unification Church covers the Rent, a cappella jungle book from Eckenkar,  more halfwit psycho folk from Charles Manson, Benny Hinn makes your ears bleed holy water and more.

Manmin Central Church - Majesty Worship His Name
Charles Manson - Solution
Benny Hinn - Love Lifted Me
Two Rivers Choir (Unification Church) - Seasons of Love
OSHO - Can't Stop Dancing
Lauriguitar (Synanon) - Joy of Synanon
Blue Mosaic (Jews for Jesus) - V'ahavta
Malaysian Eck Regional Choir - Oh Mahanta A Song of Love
Ivan Lopez (Creciendo en Gracia) - Hijo Del Hombre

Download here

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