Sunday, October 20, 2013

MoMC ep. 13

WE'RE BACK! We're back after many month long hiatus to bring you more morally ambiguous audio trash from the lowest depths of human frailty! Some hispanic/indian folk fusion from Sahaja Yoga, flash mob ejaculations from The World Mission Society Church of God, folky sunshine psych from Jews for Jesus, and more!

Sahaja Yoga - For Mataji (part 1)
Prem and Daya Rawat (Divine Light Mission)- Bhajan
Yahweh Poetic ( The Celestial Federation of Yahweh) - Third Day
The Liberated Wailing Wall (Jews for Jesus) - Jesus' Holy Name
David Koresh - Don't You Be A Laodacean
Tammy Bakker - Oops There Comes a Smile

Download here