Saturday, December 7, 2013

MoMC ep 16

Episode 16 in our journey into the heart of darkness. Confused synth jazz from the Church of Scientology, heavy jam rock from Love Israel, Charles Manson alt folk prayer weirdness, shitty new age prog rock from Rama, and more

The People's Temple Choir - Welcome
The Family International - New Jerusalem
Soka Gakkai International - I Seek Sensei
Charles Manson - Prayer
L Ron Hubbard - Windsplitter
Two Rivers Choir (Unification Church) - Here I Am Again
Love Israel - Untitled Rock Jam
Church Universal And Triumphant Inc. - Invocation For The Judgement Against And Destruction Of Rock Music
Zazen (Rama) - Ganges Melody

Download here


  1. Hi all,
    great listen as always.
    I put the Church Universal track on my blogs (Die or DIY?)christmas tape, but then i got deleted!
    You have kindly added me as a link, so would it be rude for me to ask you if you could update it to my revamped blog's address:

    Keep it going kids.
    Jonny Z

  2. Ooof! That L. Ron Hubbard lp is a REAL stinker (and the cut, I suppose, is very aptly titled).

  3. Good work…unique site and interesting too… keep it up…looking forward for more Mind control i was really impressed by your blog please keep on sharing such blog.